Sale – Candela PicoWay

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Candela PicoWay

Lightly used Picoway, picosecond, dual-wavelength, aesthetic laser.

4 Hand Pieces


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Sale – Candela PicoWay

PicoWay Laser is an effective,

non-invasive, non-surgical anti-aging device that uses short laser pulses to stimulate natural collagen production for a younger-looking skin tone. PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal is the clear solution for the removal of tattoos, pigmented lesions and signs of aging using patented PicoWay technology!

The PicoWay Resolve Laser is a handheld device used to rejuvenate the skin by stimulating collagen, the healing mechanism in the skin. The device is completely safe and doesn’t need to penetrate deeply to prompt the skin to start repairing itself. After the treatment, you’ll notice an overall improvement in complexion. There is little to no downtime.

Sale – Candela PicoWay

PicoWay Resolve™ targets unwanted signs of aging and skin irregularities such as:

-Acne Scars
PicoWay stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to reduce acne scarring. In clinical studies, 94% of treated areas were improved.

PicoWay presents a non-invasive, needle-free treatment option for wrinkles by using ultra-short laser pulses to reach under the skin, without breaking the outer layer.

-Dark Spots
Common skin discolorations including dark spots, freckles, liver spots (age spots), and café-au-lait (brown patches) are treatable with PicoWay.

-Tattoo Removal
PicoWay treats a variety of tattoo colors across a broad range of skin types and pigments. PicoWay can even tackle difficult to treat blue and green tattoos! Most tattoos can be eliminated after a series of brief treatments.
Why PicoWay?

PicoWay treats multi-colored tattoos on different skin types. PicoWay utilizes unique picosecond laser technology to deliver fast, comfortable treatments – more than any other traditional laser tattoo removal solution available*. Unlike traditional lasers, PicoWay delivers energy to the targeted ink in ultra-short pulses that are so fast, they’re measured in picoseconds — that’s one trillionth of a second!

The PicoWay laser light is targeted at colors matching the specific laser wavelength in ultra-short picosecond pulses. These pulses shatter the tattoo into very tiny particles, which are then easily eliminated by the body’s natural processes. The PicoWay laser emits less heat energy than traditional lasers providing a safer, more comfortable treatment for ALL skin types, with fewer side effects.

Better results in fewer treatments for different skin types.
Fast Results, ultra-fast delivery of concentrated, high-power energy.
Minimal risk, Minimal discomfort

The Difference from PicoWay Tattoo Removal Treatment:

Fewer Treatments: FDA cleared for a wide range of tattoos, PicoWay offers better results in few treatments for different skin types.
Fast Results: With its ultra-fast delivery of concentrated, high-power energy, PicoWay will shatter even tiny ink particles making it easier for the body to clear the tattoo ink.
Minimized Risk: PicoWay’s ultra-short pulses also optimize the delivery of energy to the targeted ink particles ensuring the ink is effectively treated, while the least amount of heat gets transferred into the skin.
Minimal Discomfort: Since PicoWay’s pulses are fast, you’ll feel minimal discomfort throughout the procedure.

Sale – Candela PicoWay

PicoWay Laser Includes:
Lightly used Picoway, picosecond, dual-wavelength, aesthetic laser. Manufactured by Syneron-Candela.
1064, 532nm outputs.
4 Hand Pieces
755nm Shot Count- 54,421 shots
1064nm Shot Count- 54,421 shots
532nm Shot Count- 10,984 shots
785nm Shot Count- 572 shots
Candela Picoway Resolve handpiece set YAG/KTP 1064/532
Spot Sizes
Distance Gauges
Power Cord
Operators Manual
Warranty:2 years
Packaging: Aluminum box with foam

Sale – Candela PicoWay


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