Cutera Enlighten SR Pico Laser

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Cutera Enlighten SR Pico Laser System Tattoo & Pigment Removal

Latest pico lasers help prevent the development of problems on your skin such as improving pigment spots, tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation


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Cutera Enlighten SR Pico Laser System Tattoo & Pigment Removal

Sale – Cutera Enlighten SR Pico Laser

This next-generation PicoGenesis laser is an advanced, non-thermal way to treat pigmentary concerns, PicoGenesis harnesses a non-thermal, photomechanical effect paired with ultra-short—one trillionth of a second long—pulse durations. The perfect blend of technologies creates shockwaves that shatter pigments in the skin without damaging the surrounding tissue, while inducing dermal disruption and remodelling for true skin revitalisation.Unlike conventional laser toning that requires up to 15 treatment sessions and often lead to adverse side effects such as redness, swelling and itching. Thanks to the incorporated picosecond technology, In as few as three sessions you will experience a dramatic improvement in the reduction of pigmentation as well as a brighter, more uniform complexion in just 20 minutes—and all with no downtime! With entirely changeable parameters, this game-changing treatment an be used to benefit even the most challenging skin concerns, and can also effectively remove all colours of tattoos.Recommended for all skin types, the PicoGenesis laser procedure is used to treat:
• Brown spots
• Sun damage
• Age spots
• Melasma
• Hyperpigmenation
• Pigmented lesions
Cutera Enlighten SR Pico Laser

Enlighten is a picosecond laser system that includes the signature procedures known as Pico Genesis and the newly launched Pico Genesis FX. They’re both FDA-cleared for tattoo removal as well as the treatment of benign brown spots and acne scars.

This Picosecond laser from Cutera face and body solutions offer versatile picosecond technology. In today’s aesthetic arena, tattoo and pigmentation removal are vital parts of a successful aesthetic practice. There are also a growing number of people that are experiencing regret in the appearance of a new or old tattoo. The market sector is expected to further grow by nearly 15% in the next 5 years.

Cutera Enlighten SR Pico Laser

The Cutera Enlighten is one of the industries leading an aesthetic laser system to offer treatments for both tattoo and pigmentation as well as other aesthetic procedures. It features both nanosecond and picosecond pulses for the ideal blend of parameters, offering a broad range of treatments and applications.

The Cutera enlighten also has a range of wavelengths, spot size, and energy settings to correctly delivery the right amount and type of energy to the unwanted pigmentation or ink.

Powerfully Versatile Pico Technology

Tattoo and pigment removal is an essential part of every aesthetic practice. With a growing number of individuals experiencing tattoo regret, the market is expected to hit a year over year growth of 12.7% through 2023.1 Also, 40% of the population susceptible to pigmentary concerns and 71% of consumers are seeking tone and texture improvement.2

The enlighten system is an industry-leading platform for tattoo removal and benign pigmented lesions. It is the first system on the market to feature both nanosecond and picosecond pulse durations and the ideal blend of parameters – the correct wavelengths, the correct spot sizes, and the correct energy levels – to effectively address unwanted pigment and ink.

Cutera Tattoo Removal Technology

enlighten  has emerged as the premier solution for laser tattoo removal. Featuring dual pulse durations (2 ns + 750/660 ps) and three unique laser wavelengths (532, 1064, 670 nm), enlighten has the power to clear all ink colors, variable ink particle sizes and densities in fewer treatments.

In addition to laser tattoo removal, enlighten’s a versatile technology and a broad range of specifications enable providers to remove unwanted pigmented lesions and address skin revitalization concerns – making this an essential multi-application platform suited for any practice.

High Peak Power, Variable Pulse Durations

enlighten features longer (2 nanoseconds) and shorter (750/660 picoseconds) pulse durations in one system. This functionality gives you efficient, effective removal of ink and pigment density. Also, enlighten offers a strong, non-thermal, photomechanical effect with high-peak-power and ultra-short pulse durations that shatter the targeted pigment without causing thermal damage to the tissue that surrounds it.2 This makes it an ideal solution for the treatment of challenging skin and optimizes our signature skin revitalization treatment – PICO Genesis.

Leveraging PICO + NANO Pulses with enlighten
Matching pulse duration to ink particle size = more complete and faster clearance is achieved

Latest pico lasers help prevent the development of problems on your skin such as improving pigment spots, tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation …



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